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He was munching on my muff and I had my mouth about his cock. It wouldn’t have been so negative if we were laying down but, with him standing up and me holding onto him, it wasn’t specifically my thought of fun.

"What if he drops me?" I asked myself, "His cock would skewer my tonsils!"

But then he grunted and my mouth filled with his sperm. He groaned once more and collapsed onto the bed with me on best of him. I’ll give him credit though, he was a game guy. He continued sucking and munching away on my hairy pussy models and, positive enough, the sheer relief of no longer hanging on in desperation allowed me to orgasm.

"God, that was very good," he mentioned, "What shall we try subsequent?"

"Couldn’t you just fuck me, sort of normally?"

I’d been going out with Ian for about six weeks and we had tried it all. He was obsessed with undertaking a various position every time we had sex. His cock was good and big but at times all I wanted was for him to lay on leading of me, spread my legs, and give me a great seeing to.

"Tell you what," he stated, "I’d like you to develop your hairy pussy hair. That would make a change. Should you stopped shaving, or whatever you do, it’d all be nice and thick for our holiday."

So, becoming a prepared girl, this really is what I did for the next six weeks. I’d had a nice smooth hairy pussy for ages and it all itched like mad when the hair started to develop back. I feel men and women need to have wondered why I was forever scratching at my crutch like some rampant bitch.

Anyway, time sped by, as it does, and it was two days prior to our sunshine holiday to Lanzarote.

"I’ve bought you some presents," Ian informed me, "Try them on."

I looked in the bag and inside were two bikinis. Two quite brief bikinis.

The initial had side ties for the small bottoms and cloth triangles as tit covering. The second was a thong bottom using a quite narrow front and once again a very little, flimsy leading.

I wasn’t too concerned about the minuteness in the garments, as I quite like showing off and I also wanted to acquire an excellent suntan. The problem was the thong.

"Look," I said, "My hairy pussy hair shows in the front. I’ll need a bit of a trim and tidy up just before I go away."

"No," he nearly shouted, "Leave everything alone. It looks great."

I could tell he believed so as he was undoing his jeans and his cock was standing to attention. He rushed more than to me, threw me on the bed, pulled the thong to 1 side and thrust into me.

"Christ, you might be so hot," he mentioned as, a lot to my delight, he gave me a proper great pounding.

"Mmmm," I believed to myself, "Maybe I should have let my hairy pussy hair develop back a lot sooner."

I nearly screamed out when he finally came filling my cunt with his cum.